[CI] Re: [SSI] support for UML

Brian J. Watson Brian.J.Watson@compaq.com
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 14:35:19 -0700

Kitrick Sheets wrote:
> I agree that UML would make life much easier for development and test.
> Can you provide more
> information on the status and/or plans for CI/SSI on UML?

It's been a back-burner project of mine. A little over a month ago I
brought up a single node CI cluster, then decided to work on something
more pressing. I'm planning to get back to it soon, but I've been tied
up with the SSI release and getting ready for our demo at Caldera Forum
and LinuxWorld. Once I get a multinode CI cluster up, I'll document how
to do it on our website. Hopefully this will be sometime next week.

Adrian Cox at Sistina is working on getting GFS to work over UML. I'll
leverage his effort and my own with CI to get an SSI cluster up with a
GFS shared root. I'll document how to do that, as well, on our website.
Hopefully this will be sometime in the next month.

If anyone else would like to take this on (and maybe get it done sooner
than I), let me know. I'll give you my patch and any info I've
discovered so far.

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