[CI] problem when I removed the network cable from one node

Aneesh Kumar kvaneesh@yahoo.com
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 08:51:53 +0100 (BST)

Hi , 

Today  something 'strange' happened. I was actually
writing some code that will inform me about the adding
and removal of nodes in the cluster. To test the same
i ran the binary on one machine . It showed  both the
node up . Now i removed the network cable from node 2.
My monitoring program which was running on node one
showed node 2 has gone. Fine happy . But then this
'strange' thing happened. For node 2 it is node one
that is gone. So it became the root node by itself.
Now when i try to put the  network cable back node 2
gave me a kernel panic !!!!!!!!!!!!!.  I know it is an
expected behaviour. But then how will we take care of
network failur like the above. If in   a cluster some
one remove the cable of one of the machine, what will
happen ?


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