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Aneesh Kumar kvaneesh@yahoo.com
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 09:53:46 +0100 (BST)

Do you have any documentation that discuss about the
architecture of the DLM. Suppose if i want to have it
on TOP of CI-Linux which part I should paly with? 


On 07 Aug 2001 00:06:09 -0700, Peter Badovinatz wrote:
> --- Aneesh Kumar <kvaneesh@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Hi , 
> > 
> >  Is there any one working on IBM's DLM on 
CI-Linux ?
> > 
> Yes and no, so to speak.  We intend to work with
CI-Linux, we have not done
> much with it yet, due to us still working on the DLM
porting to Linux in
> general.  The need, as we see it, is to create a
'glue' module that allows the
> DLM core to get membership events from CI-Linux. 
There should be no internal
> changes necessary to the core DLM functionality. 
This has been an intentional
> aim of our DLM.
> I have no specific schedule I can provide at this
time about when we'll release
> anything, if it's up to us it will have to wait for
a few weeks until we can
> get to it.
> Patches gratefully accepted.
> >  -aneesh 
> > 
> Peter
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